Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It was a long trip from Tucson to Monroe, WI, in less than 5 days but we have very good travelers in the back seat. The humans need potty stops and leg stretchers more often than the canines! It is amazing how we notice and appreciate the green grass and the leafy trees and the beautiful flowers and the rolling hills now that we have experienced the desert. Travel opens your eyes! The ruggedness of the Southwest was also beautiful and we enjoyed a warm winter for the first time in our lives. We will return to there!

We are both working now, I in the hospital lab and Rollie umpiring for the City of Monroe plus weekend tournaments around southern Wisconsin. Our first month we were living at the KOA in Lena, IL, just across the line because it was the only RV park open in April. First of May we moved to the Green County Fairgrounds right in Monroe where they have a few full hookups and lots more electric only. There are two other couples in their RVs with us for the summer. They have been here every summer for many years and are very helpful  to us newbies. I can walk to work and downtown to the square so that makes it much easier to share one vehicle. It will get interesting during the county fair but the other RVers say it's not a problem.


We will probably be here until September when we plan to head east. Monroe is an interesting place to visit with a brewery with a great tour and tasting (Minhas Brewery) and lots of cheese sampling and history. Swiss Colony is here as well as many other cheese factories due to the influence of the Swiss immigrant dairy farmers and cheese makers. Come visit! bring your RV or tent! New Glarus is just up the road which is will make you think you are in Switzerland.




  1. Do you still do facebook.I don't get on much

  2. Do you still do facebook.I don't get on much