Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Playing Tourist around Seward

We saved some tourist attractions until a friend from WI visited and the wait was worth it!

Rollie went on 2 all-day fishing charters bringing in halibut, rockfish and salmon to fill our freezers.

But the most exciting part was Jesse catching a 125 lb halibut!

We took a ranger led hike to Exit Glacier which is just outside Seward. It has receded from where the trail was constructed but we got pretty close. The run-off created the Resurrection River which, of course, flows into Resurrection Bay. There is a much longer hike up on top of the glacier or, if you wish, there are folks who will fly you up there.

Jesse and I went on a Kenai Fjords Tour aboard Orca Voyager to see more of Resurrection Bay, it's glaciers and it's wildlife. We had a beautiful day on the water and nature did not disappoint us! We were greeted by sea otters and a bald eagle before we got out of the small boat harbor.

I didn't even have time to get my camera out for the sea otters but I have other pictures of them from our many sightings in Seward and Lowell Point. Have seen many bald eagles also but not often this close.

Seward is a great place for RVers. The entire waterfront is a city RV park. You might want to enlarge this picture to see the RVs packed in. The mountain on the right is Mt. Marathon where they race to the top and down on the 4th of July. A new record was set this year!

We passed Lowell Point just south of Seward, our site was up the hill in the woods. We were an official tsunami evacuation site.

Bear Glacier?

We saw several glaciers and I did not think to write the names down. They are all part of the Harding Ice Field which is the largest ice field entirely contained in the US. The glaciers and fjords on the SE side are part of Kenai Fjords National Park. We got up close to one glacier (Aialik?) to hear it groaning and cracking and to see some minor calving. Jesse got to hold a piece of the ice right out of the water.

Aialik Glacier?

We visited a sea lion rookery where most of them were just soaking up the sun on this beautiful day.

And puffins all over the water but difficult to photograph.

But the best of all was the whales we saw, many of them feeding and swimming, even swimming right under the boat.

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