Sunday, September 28, 2014

Make Use of What Nature Presents You

Rome Riverside Campground has a couple of apple trees and one of them is dropping apples like crazy right now.
I just can't see them all go to waste so I have been picking up the best ones and cooking them down for applesauce. Rollie is tired of apple pie and apple crisp.

My refrigerator and freezer are full so I have been giving most of it away. Some I made into apple leather in a borrowed food dehydrator. Also dried apple slices which is much less work.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

When in Rome...

I'm really happy with the campground we chose for this first month in the RV, while I finish my last weeks at work. Neighbors are friendly, the place is very quiet during the week and not too noisy on weekends when more people are here. There are great places to walk the dogs in the campground and in the town of Rome.

We are only a block from Main Street and the tiny downtown consisting of a general store, a fire station, a bar, a bowling alley/restaurant and 2 churches.

Several friends have asked if we had claustrophobia yet and I have to say it is not a problem so far. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What we have learned in 10 days in the RV

  1. Our galley tank holds 8 days of kitchen waste water without really being conservative (don't pull the handle to open the drain and wait until the sink backs up).
  2. The heat works. It uses propane and when the first tank is empty it is easy to switch to the second tank. It costs $22 to fill one tank. Now we know where we stand, with that tank anyway.
  3. The stove and oven work very well. The stove lights itself but the oven pilot doesn't stay on so it's a knee-breaker each time.
  4. Dish Tailgater was designed for use in a parking lot with no trees and not in a campground with mature trees. I like the trees, Rollie likes TV.
  5. It takes several nights to get used to any new mattress but we already knew that. Having thunderstorms the second night sets you back a couple nights.
  6. The freezer holds more than we thought. I have made and frozen apple sauce and tomato sauce besides what we brought along.
  7. We probably brought more stuff along than we need but we have one more chance to drop it off in Northfield.
  8. Rome, WI, is a cute tiny town with about 900 residents, 2 churches, one bar, one small general store (for sale) and a small bowling alley/restaurant with German food on Saturday nights. We are a block from "downtown".
  9. I really like the efficiency of this small space.
  10. I am trying to be able to upload photos to this blog, and to learn all the functions so please bear with me.