Sunday, July 5, 2015

Life in the Fairground

We have been living at the Green County Fairground in Monroe, WI, since early May and it has been very enjoyable. Even though it has been a wet spring, I have been able to walk to work and home almost every day. It has not been difficult sharing one vehicle even though both of us are working because we work pretty much opposite of each other. I can also walk to the town square where farmer's markets are held every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

The fairground has provided entertainment in the form of animal/livestock events (horse shows, dog show, dog obedience training sessions, dairy cattle show) and one big flea market so far. There is a local amateur football team who practice and play on a field in what used to be the infield of the horse track. But the biggest event is yet to come - The Green County Fair, July 22-26! I will be sure to take pictures!


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