Sunday, November 16, 2014

ChromeBook vs ATT

I wanted to test the suggestion from Google that I was having problems with my internet connection because I was using ATT Hotspot wifi on my new ChromeBook. So here I am at McDonalds testing this theory. I have completed some other tasks without problems so this is sort of a test blog. Too bad I don't have more pictures. We are in Casa Grande, AZ, between Phoenix and Tucson. It is a little dusty here, the park is in sort of an industrial area, the land is flat and without real cactus like around Tucson but of course landscaping inside the park includes all sorts of non-native plants. We saw cotton being picked, a few irrigated fields of alfalfa and many huge feed lots in the surrounding area. Our current RV park is:

Most of the park is permanent "park models" which are like
small mobile homes but are technically RVs. There are spots
for "overnighters" like us. We have a large lot on the end
with our own saguaro and palms. Most of the residents
spend the whole winter here. Lots of activities and social
events every day. We decided to stay at least 10 days.

Up close and personal!

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