Thursday, October 23, 2014


Back in college in Joplin, MO, friends showed me a marker at the intersection of Mo, KS and OK. It has been updated (GPS technology?) and moved about 20 feet to the east. The old marker is still there; a stone pillar built by students in the 1930s. This new one is much nicer because you can stand on it in 3 states at once!

Revisiting Joplin 3 years after the devastating tornado I could still see the huge swath of destruction along 20th St in the heart of the city. Lots of rebuilding but still many empty lots. The Dillons grocery store we were looking for (our Garmin is 4 years old) doesn't exist. Same for the old St. Johns Hospital. There is a brand new hospital about to open at a new location. Still a lot of work to do but the city survived.

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